Fire Door Installation & Inspection

All our Fire Door inspections and installations are carried out by certified Fire Fighters and Fire Training Instructors.

Fire Extinguisher Door Installation & Inspection

Commercial fire door inspections often lead to confusion due to unclear requirements over the years, leaving facility managers uncertain about their internal responsibilities and the frequency of inspections needed. At Fireguard, our team of fire protection experts aims to provide clarity and assistance in navigating these requirements.

Responsibility for conducting annual fire door inspections lies with facility managers, safety engineers, or building owners. While routine inspections, such as monthly or bi-monthly checks, can be carried out by educated and trained personnel familiar with fire door components and maintenance, annual inspections must be performed by fire professionals.

These annual inspections can be seamlessly integrated into existing annual inspections for fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, and/or fire alarm systems. This consolidation not only ensures comprehensive scrutiny of all fire safety measures but also provides peace of mind knowing that inspections have been conducted and certified by professionals. This certification serves as evidence of code compliance for local fire authorities.

Here are our top tips on Fire Door Safety:

Remember that fire doors are an essential part of fire protection, and their proper installation and inspection is crucial for ensuring their reliability during emergencies. It’s advisable to consult with a fire safety professional or a certified fire servicing company to ensure that all installation and inspection activities are performed correctly and in compliance with regulations.

Trust our professional team to keep your workplace safe and compliant. All our Fire Door installations and inspections are carried out by professional, fully certified Fire Fighters and Fire Training Instructors.

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