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Firetrace’s self-activating system stops fires where they start, and uses safe, versatile and cost-effective methods without relying on electronics or moving parts. It employs Firetrace Tubing to detect and deliver the suppression system.

This video shows the process that our team go through to manufacture a Firetrace Direct Low Pressure with Integrated Valve Fire Suppression System.

How does Firetrace work?

Firetrace Tubing is pressurised and secured in place above potential fire hazards, with various system sizes available. Direct Firetrace system discharges extinguishant from the burst hole in the tube for the fastest extinguishing time. Indirect Firetrace system discharges extinguishant via plumbed diffusers initiated by Firetrace tube bursting.

Why Firetrace?

Firetrace is a renowned fire safety solutions provider with more than two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing top-notch fire suppression systems. During these years, they have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the fire industry, making them a leader in the market. Their remarkable track record of success speaks volumes about their commitment to their clients’ safety and protection.

What do Firetrace offer?

Firetrace offers an affordable way to protect critical items of plant & machinery from fire. The system reacts quickly and minimises expensive machine damage and downtime. The systems can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment and avoid the need for complicated detectors and electronics.

Anywhere application

Firetrace offers a wide range of automatic fire suppression systems that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. These systems are designed to protect your critical equipment and premises, and ensure that you can avoid the operational downtime that is often associated with fire outbreaks. Whether you are looking to protect industrial machinery, electrical equipment, or even small appliances such as tumble dryers, we have the solution for you. Our team of experts can design, manufacture, and install custom fire suppression systems that meet your unique requirements and fit seamlessly into your operations.

Tailored made Solutions

The proprietary technology enables fire suppression systems to detect and extinguish fires with exceptional precision, minimising equipment damage and downtime.

Our team of experienced engineers ensures that our systems are custom-designed to meet your unique needs, providing tailored solutions that guarantee optimal safety performance and peace of mind.


Safety is not a luxury but a fundamental right that everyone deserves. That’s why we strive to provide top-of-the-line fire suppression systems that are affordable, reliable, and accessible to all. With Firetrace, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected against the devastating impact of fires and the potential damage they can cause to your business.


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