Fire Extinguisher Training

All our Fire Extinguisher training is carried out by certified Fire Fighters and Fire Training Instructors.

Fire Extinguisher Training

It’s important to ensure your workforce are fully trained on the fire risks that can occur in their working environment.

Not only for the safety or your staff and premises, you and your staff must be fully trained on Fire Safety as part of the Irish Government Fire Services Acts 1981 and 2003 legislation.

We offer a wide range of fire and workplace safety training courses, covering all elements you and your team need to stay compliant and most of all, safe.

Fire Extinguisher training should be a recurring process, with periodic refresher courses and updates to ensure that all occupants of a building or facility remain prepared for emergencies. Properly trained individuals are more likely to respond effectively and minimise the risk of injury or loss during a fire incident.

All our Fire Extinguisher training is carried out by professional, fully certified Fire Fighters and Fire Training Instructors.

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